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Hi, I’m Gwen Miller. I’m passionate about helping you learn to move in ways that protect and heal your spine and joints, and that eliminate pain. 

My life’s work is to educate and empower people and to help facilitate healing.  I am a Pilates and Yoga Integrated Therapist, a Hendrickson Method® Manual Therapist, and an Education Faculty Member for Balanced Body® Pilates.

Nine powerful, information-packed lessons that are based on the book Safe Movement for All Spines take you on a deeper dive into movement and pain science. Mentoring sessions provide real-time access to a collaborative environment for learning actionable techniques to apply to current clients, or oneself, right away.

Safe Movement for All Spines

This book is a resource for all types of movement therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, and others who work with people who have impacted spines or hips, SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, hypermobility, or scoliosis.

 Omni Cervical Support from Custom Craftworks

 As featured in Gwen’s book Safe Movement for All Spines

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