For Individuals

Wellness, pain-relief, fitness, balance…We use a variety of techniques, tailored to your unique situation, to help you not just lessen or minimize pain, but to give you the tools you need to live a healthier, pain-free life.

Individual sessions for pain relief, improving alignment, improving core strength, working with spine, back, hip, and shoulder issues, pre-and post- rehabilitation for joint replacements and surgeries, education and empowerment to understand and manage your body in an effective way so you can enjoy doing the things you love to do.

Group classes are carefully designed to be safe for people that are living with osteopenia/porosis, osteoarthritis, stenosis and degenerative discs, spondylosis/spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, joint replacements and repairs.  Classes are safe places to explore movement, learn more about your body in an experiential way and become stronger.  Many folks who start with individual sessions graduate to participate in classes, although individual sessions are not a pre-requisite for class participation.

Group classes include Spine-Safe© Pilates Mat and Osteo-Reformer©.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for movement, opportunity to become stronger, learn about the body, and carry that knowledge into an empowered life.

For Teachers

Gwen’s decades of experience working with people and her focus on special populations and spinal pathologies informs her teacher training classes.

Teacher Training is both for student teachers of the Pilates Method and continuing education for certified teachers of movement. Continuing Education Credits are applicable to Personal Training, Group Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates certified teachers.

Student teachers and Pilates teacher trainees participate in the Balanced Body® Pilates Education Program, which is organized in affordable, conveniently-paced modules. Gwen’s Pilates teacher training class schedule is here.

Continuing Education: Join me for The Dynamic Spine, nine powerful, information-packed lessons approved by American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Pilates Certification Program (formerly PMA), Yoga Alliance, and International Association of Yoga Therapists for 72 continuing education hours.

Teacher Mentoring is multi-faceted. Mentoring starts with Gwen’s accessibility to her students. Every student has her private cell number, and she is available for questions on an informal basis, either by text or email. Private 1:1 meetings can be scheduled to address bigger questions, prepare for auditions or test-outs, advice regarding specific client cases (including for established teachers needing extra information for special cases), marketing questions and career goals.

Mentoring is available in a group setting by free, drop-in access to one zoom class per week, Spine-Safe© Pilates Mat.  In-person access to OsteoReformer© classes may be reserved by appointment.  Student teachers may view or participate in these classes to gain required Observation or Self-Practice hours toward their Pilates certification, and take notes for programming and cueing ideas.

Mentoring continues with Gwen’s unique Free Audit program.  Once a student has successfully completed a Balanced Body® Pilates Education module, they may return and audit that same class for free.  This gives students the opportunity to review the material, deepen their learning, hone their teaching skills, receive individualized coaching within the contact of the module and in many cases, earn student teaching hours toward their required hours for completion.  This also ensures that students Bridging in from other programs gain Gwen’s expertise and outlook on modules previously completed elsewhere.

Gwen’s goal is to do her best to train really excellent teachers who are able to discern what movements are most effective for their students, empowered to find their own voices and passion to teach, and carry forward her legacy of safe and effective movement instruction.