I coined the term “Integrated Therapy” to describe my blend of the modalities. I have many tools at my disposal, so I use the ones that resonate best for the person I am with, always with the goal of improving the well-being of that person, whether that means relief from pain, improving vitality or restoring an important function of daily life.

Beyond that, there are a handful of core beliefs that underpin everything I do.

I Believe In…

…listening. I believe in listening, so I can understand what the person in front of me is going through. I listen so I can begin to understand your experience.

…Education. When someone tells me they have been given “X” diagnosis, often they do not understand what that means in terms of how it relates to them, personally.  My job is to help each person understand what that radiology report, or Doctor’s diagnosis means in terms of the general condition, and then what it means to them, personally.  I help people understand how to move and hold themselves to stay pain free, teach them how they may need to change their habitual movement patterns and adopt new ones to keep themselves safe and healthy in the long-term.

Empowerment. I think that people, given the right information and guidance, are naturally able to then help themselves.  I facilitate healing by providing the appropriate guidance and therapeutic modalities for the person I am with, and encourage them to carry that information and guidance into their lives in totality.  This is what makes change and halts degenerative downward spirals, creating healing instead.  People learning what they need to do and how to do it, along with some help, then walking forward into their lives as happy human beings.  That’s what my goal is for each person I work with.

Cooperation. Sometimes I cannot provide all the answers.  Who among us can?  I believe in being part of a team of practitioners and allied medical professionals that all work toward a common goal: doing what is best for the person we serve.  That is why I am happy to communicate and cooperate with other practitioners and share ideas, with the person’s permission of course, to better help them on their healing path.  I think having a broad network of allied professionals to refer people to and receive from is an important and necessary responsibility.

Keeping an open mind. Many times, the people that enter my studio have been to multiple practitioners and have not been able to find a solution for their problems.  There is no cookie-cutter approach, even though one can draw on similar experiences for ideas and guidance, because people are individuals.  Sometimes symptoms and diagnoses don’t seem to fit.  Sometimes there is no immediately discernable reason for the person’s experience.  Sometimes we just have to trust the process and let the solution be the priority rather than trying to figure out the “why.”

Finally, I believe that every person who crosses my path is here for a reason; either to teach or to learn from.  Every person who comes into my life is important, and when they leave, I hope as a happier, healthier, more vital and pain-free individual, a little part of that shared healing experience is woven into the fabric of what I do and how I care for the next person.

Peace and Joy,

Please, reach out to learn more about how I can help you.