One-on-one sessions are expertly tailored to set you on the path to better health and wellbeing.

Getting Started

What to Expect – One-on-One Problem Solving, Pain Relief, and Fitness!

Before your first appointment, you will receive intake forms by email to print out and complete. If your appointment is in-person, you will bring them to your appointment. If your appointment is virtual, you can use regular mail or scan/photo them and email them to Gwen.

Your first appointment will include reviewing and talking about the intake forms. These include a health history, a waiver, and a pain symptom diagram. Then an assessment will be done.

You have two in-person assessment choices:

Problem-Solving Assessment: 
75-90 minutes, $175

During this assessment, there will be a visual postural assessment done, and muscle and joint testing as appropriate for the issue that you are concerned about. This assessment may include some manual therapy as well, to discern the tone of muscles in the area of concern.

The Problem-Solving Assessment will be followed by either manual therapy or exercise, or both. Generally, people who are in pain can expect the session to be manual therapy-intensive. People who are not in pain and looking for problem-solving in functional, range-of-motion issues or postural concerns can expect some manual therapy to normalize overly tight muscles, then exercise.

The first appointment will end with the development of a plan of action that we agree to follow on subsequent meetings, and possibly some homework for you. Homework varies and can be anything from an item to purchase, an allied health professional to make an appointment with, or exercises and stretches to do on your own.

If you are in pain, you will most likely be experiencing follow-ups of full Hendrickson Method® Manual Therapy sessions until you are pain-free.

Full C.H.E.K Assessment: 
2.5-3 hours, $400

A comprehensive postural assessment that includes visual and measured spinal, pelvis, and head carriage assessment using specialized tools. This is followed by measurements of the length/tension of the major muscles of the body using a Goniometer tool. All measurements are recorded and compared to established norms and the general pattern that your body presents. Then a movement pattern assessment is completed for the primary movements of the body to determine functional flexibility, balance, and strength.

Due to the length of the Full C.H.E.K Assessment, no manual therapy or additional exercise will be done during this appointment. After the Full C.H.E.K Assessment, Gwen reviews the data, and develops a plan of action that is introduced and completed in subsequent appointments. Data review and program development are included in the cost of the Full C.H.E.K Assessment. Full C.H.E.K Assessment is not advised for people who are in acute pain and can be done after the person is pain-free as a way to optimize well-being.

Full C.H.E.K Assessments may also be split into two visits if there are concerns about stamina in completing the Assessment in one meeting. People traveling from out-of-state or out of the area can schedule intensives of half or full days with Gwen.

Virtual appointments will include Problem-Solving Assessments. Full C.H.E.K Assessments are only completed in-person.

Once your intake and assessment have been completed, we embark upon an appropriate course of action that is engineered to solve your problem and meet your needs. This course of action takes into consideration what modalities appeal to you, and meets you where you are. You can expect the utmost in respect and consideration as you learn more about your body and how we will accomplish what is needed.

Having worked with numerous PTs and personal trainers and Pilates instructors since a spinal injury 10 years ago in order to keep working my 2 stallions in classical dressage for performances, I have to say that Gwen has an impressive depth of knowledge pulling from a variety of approaches which are every session specific to what my body needs that day.  Her work has eliminated pain through evening my muscle tone, coordination and balance.    She has taught me how to take care of my body in any situation, at home, or on the road when I travel.  Her attention to my stabilizers has fine tuned my seat in the saddle which naturally improved my riding and feel tremendously.  I highly recommend working with Gwen to any serious equestrian, since it is essential to develop as fine tuned and athletic body as possible.
Candida VB