Gwen is available for mentoring:

  1. During audits of modules that have been successfully completed, both of balanced body® Pilates and Dynamic Spine courses.  
    • Mentoring during audits is course-specific, and is intended to deepen and refine the educational process for all present.
    • Apply for the opportunity to audit and participate as a Teacher Assistant (TA)
    • Discounted rate is available to audit in a student-only role
  2. During Safe Movement for All Spines® – Certified Instructor Training Program
    • Professional development during Instructor Training Program, Case Study development, program design and administration.
    • Troubleshooting challenging cases and application of SMFAS Guidelines – Register Here
  3. During 1:1 sessions via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or in-person.
    • Mentoring during 1:1 sessions is tailored to your needs, whether it is client questions, marketing, equipment purchases, studio set-up, or any other topic that you need individualized help with.