Hendrickson Method® is an advanced system of orthopedic manual therapy that effectively and efficiently treats acute and chronic pain. Clients receive a gentle session that provides pain relief and functional rehabilitation.  This therapy is comfortable to receive and is done fully clothed and without oil. Hendrickson Method® combines the rehabilitative benefits of manual therapy with the relaxing effects of massage.

A unique aspect of Hendrickson Method is that it provides treatment for the joints and nervous system as well as for the soft tissue. This exceptional system of therapy provides long-term benefits far beyond what is possible with conventional massage because it helps the body achieve optimum function rather than just making symptoms temporarily go away. 

Precise and extremely effective, Hendrickson Method® is suitable therapy for most orthopedic conditions including low back and neck pain, hip degeneration, and rotator cuff injuries.

Hendrickson Method combines three effective treatments to reduce pain, restore function, and promote optimum health:

  • Wave Mobilization® the unique method of soft tissue therapy created by Dr. Tom Hendrickson 
  • Joint Mobilization 
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) 
Gwen Miller is a local miracle worker. For years I have been suffering from painful and debilitating neuropathy. It had become difficult to walk, and my balance had become so poor that I took a disastrous fall. I had seen doctors, therapists, and chiropractors. In a matter of a few months Gwen not only helped stabilize the condition, but she restored my balance and eliminated most of the pain. She also helped the crippling arthritis in my hands so much that I stopped taking drugs. I hardly notice the condition now. My energy level has also gone back to normal after several years of constant fatigue. I went to her expecting a bit of help. What I got was a reversal of my condition. For me, that was something approaching a miracle.
Dana Gioia